This painting's story began with a dream.

  When I was 20 years old in 1985, I had just started to heal people. It's an activity that I've had a lot of pleasure from. But at that time it was a whole new element in my life. I think it's my inner mind or the phenomenon that some call the soul that can convey this miraculous measure. When I heal, I stand by the distressed person's side, lying on a couch, the floor or a bed. I close my eyes and turn off brain activity by not thinking about anything. The only thing I experience between the ears is a brain in perfect rest. A few seconds later, one or both of my arms move forward. "Something" or "somebody" pulls or pushes my arms around in slow taichi-like movements. My balance point changes and I'm walking around the floor, relative to the person. Every time I heal, I find that this "other" almost takes over the control of my body. It is associated with much pleasure - especially when the treatment has had a beneficial effect.

  In parallel with these experiences, I have experienced another somewhat special phenomenon. When I sleep, I never dream. It ended when I was 5-6 years old. Completely black screen night after night for almost 50 years. Some have thought it's just because I do not remember dreaming when I wake up. I'm sure that's not the case. I have had two children during those years. As they were babies, as we all know, we constantly wake up at strange times at night, by the children's whining. But as I sleep very easily, I often stood for the shifts at the time of day. By the sudden awakening, I did not even feel the sense of a broken dream. There had always been a black screen when I woke up.


Now I will come to the case.


  Several years before the children showed up, I had one of the maybe 8-10 dreams I have had over the many years. In 1990, I dreamed that I was healing. In the dream I stood in a small room, almost completely dark. The room had clear and transparent glass walls. I stood there in the room and could not easily see bridge of a seemingly very modern ship. The seconds passed and I wanted to heal the environment that surrounded me. I stood in a kind of superhero stance, with slightly spread legs and began to heal. Through my arms I felt a big power flow. I felt I had complete control over the situation. These cascades of energy woke the remote machine park to life. Thousands of LEDs began to flash. A deep rumble under my feet increases and from the floor and the ceiling, I am almost dazzled by a light like in an operating room. I woke up with a start and sat up in bed. I was in shock. For the first and not last time, I saw a clear voice in my mind saying the following:


"You have now exceeded the 7th horizon - now the problem with Palestine can be solved."


  In the following years, I kept myself closely informed of the situation between Israel and Palestine. The decades passed and absolutely nothing happened in the context of a conflict resolution. People die almost every day in this conflict. What did it mean in 1990 that it would change the state of inflammation in the Middle East? Last year I thought:


"Then I have to do something myself. Somebody needs to shout that the Emperor has no clothes."


I have read a lot about the history of the conflict over the years. But when I fell over Ilan Pappé's "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine", 2004, I could see the situation clearly.


  Since 2015 I have painted paintings that represent exhibit situations in galleries or museums. I myself see these depictions, as cheap and self-realized accounts for installations of own works in institution-like sceneries. I start with a randomly selected artist online and do something completely different, but the connection to today's art world is material to me. Two months ago, I got the idea of ortraying an artist who made political art. The artist I was supposed to invent, I found naturally working with the previously mentioned conflict,


  In Pappé's book, I read about the relative new state of Israel's founding in a broader perspective. What an unhappy situation it is, that the world community almost tacitly accepts.


Sorry Israelis for the allusion to the Waffen SS. I see Zionism and Nazism are brothers in spirit.