Hey everybody,

  I´m a Danish artist, who had some succes and indeed sold a lot my stuff.  But I am sick and tired always just selling to the rich and fortunate. What about all the other people? There is a lot of them. 

  Picture me in my appartment on the first floor. I have just finished a watercolor and placed it too near, a half-open window to dry. The damn thing flies out. I don´t realice this till moments later. A kid on the street, picks it up and finds it quite handsome. Back home she hangs it, on the wall.

  So here on this webpage, you can download a paiting (only The One-state Solution for the moment) and afterwards, you could print the file and put it on your refrigerator. 

I waive all my rights to the copyright. So do as you please.


Rønne 27/6 -2018.